Back to clear off the dust!

Well, obviously, I’ve been swamped with training at my new job!  I’m sorry to all those who kept coming back and to everyone who’s been disappointed by my lack of new posts.

A sorry puppy

But I’m back again, and ready to rumble!

I was able to attend a few webinars that were part of the Library 2.011 conference November 2-4 last week.  It is quite an exciting thing to think that librarians from around the world attended and presented in those few short days!  My favorite, though, had to be Stephen Abram‘s keynote presentation on Libraries as social institutions.  It is a great truth that in the information age, public libraries are and must be more than just a place for information (be it books, ebooks, databases, newspapers, etc.); it must be a place where people can make sense of information by interaction.  This is where the social web comes in and the plug for social media in libraries comes in.  I think that the main point, though, is that libraries must embrace this role in whatever way they can and stop trying to use the internet as just a way to provide their same old services.

What do you think?


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