Summer 2011 Semester completed!

Another semester has come to a close! And now, on to the next in just one more week.  While I do wish my breaks were longer, I am very eager to begin next semester; it’s the last one until my portfolio!

Action research was interesting.  I didn’t know there was a discipline of research so based on the researcher himself and so unconcerned with validity and researcher bias.  While it’s obvious that I don’t see much scientific merit in action research, I do think that it is a far more useful way of solving real-world problems than traditional research.

And now to Fall! I am so excited to learn about XML and web design this semester. These courses are directly connected with what most excites me: new technologies and their use in libraries.  I love libraries and see so much potential for libraries to revolutionize the way they work through these technologies.  After all, the internet, computers, and all the tools that come with them directly relate to the primary directive of libraries: to organize and disseminate information to those who need it.

But on the whole, libraries, especially public libraries, have been hesitant to adopt new technology.  Why? When there are new ways to do everything you’ve ever done (collect information, organize information, present information, create information finding tools, and interact with those who seek information), why not at least experiment with them and find the best ways to incorporate these tools to your library’s and your patron’s advantage?


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