More research proposal thoughts

In continuation on the theme of the last post, here are some more ideas for my upcoming research proposal:

  • How can we use the library space to its maximum potential? What is the best utilization of library space?
  • What kind of services can we implement to reach out to our community and better serve them? How can we shed the image of the “boring library” (words of a library user).
  • How can we use web 2.0 technologies to better our services and become a more active member of the community?
  • Would web 2.0 technologies be the most effective tool in community outreach? If not, what would?

All these ideas are based around the situation in the library where I currently serve as a page.  I really love my library and want to become more actively involved in program and procedure creation and implementation.  However, I feel that while our library offers relevant resources and activities for our specific community, there are many members of the community who don’t know about them.  Are we not offering services that the community would most like and participate in? Or are we simply not marketing the services we have effectively?


One thought on “More research proposal thoughts

  1. I like all your research questions, well worded and all are relevant to engaging the community a library serves. From my perspective, library as place is the most important aspect of serving a community. Patrons need that ‘place’ to go to, where they can find or get help finding resources. You pose questions that even the most seasoned librarians have trouble dealing with. Patron feedback is always a good place to start, what do your patrons want from the library?

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