Summer update: Research proposal thoughts

I’m just finishing up week 2 of Summer semester.  Action research sounds a lot like research for practical use, while traditional research seems to center around theory and hypothetical scenarios.  While I like the idea of research with a more direct purpose, I’m a little stunted in my thoughts about my own research proposal.  Action research focuses on the researcher and their own personal endeavors to improve their learning, teaching, managing, etc. While I do work in a public library, I feel as if being a part-time page lessens my importance and impact in the Orange County Public Library.  I especially feel this way when I learn that many of my ideas for the library need to be approved by an ethereal county administration that, reportedly, never approves anything.  This gives rise to a few ideas for my action research proposal:

  • How can I impact my library system?
  • How can we (the OCPL workforce) improve library autonomy within the county administration?
  • How can we market our library more effectively to our specific community?
  • How can we improve the organizational culture in OCPL to be more accepting, collaborative, and forward-thinking?

More action research proposal ideas to come…


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