Friends of the Library Website Project

The Friends of the Library (FOL) at my local library are going through a few changes right now. The president is moving out of state and can no longer provide website support through her MobileMe account.  The FOL have only a few members that are not very technologically savvy and needed a solution for their web presence. Recognizing that a web presence is very important to the success of any organization in this age, they were looking for an easy-to-manage-and-maintain site that could remain through staff and volunteer changes. Here are some thoughts and solutions I proposed for their site:

  • The new FOL site needed to be easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to involve many/changing contributors.
  • The site also needed to support standard web functions such as having multiple pages and the ability to include frames and buttons such as the PayPal button used to donate to the FOL.
  • I recommended either Google Sites or WordPress as a viable solution to this problem.  Both platforms supported site functionality and multiple authors in addition to easy word-processing type functions.
  • WordPress has the edge in terms of ease of use; it is extremely easy to log on, add a post to the main site, and save.
  • Google Sites has the edge in terms of traditional web site functionality.  It is very easy to have multiple pages with different functions and features that support traditional web site browsing.
  • Google Sites won! The FOL wanted the most out of website functionality and wanted a central webmaster to update the site. Tuesday I will “train” the new webmaster in basic Google Sites operation and editing; then, the site will go live!  Visit after Tuesday at

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