Spring 2011 semester review

Another semester rolls to an end! The two courses this semester are LIBR 246: Information Technology Tools and Applications- Advanced Topics Web 2.0; and LIBR 244: Online Searching. Overview begins!

LIBR 246

  • I really enjoyed this class!  Everything we did and everything we learned was incredibly practical and applicable to every library’s services.  Our assignments were things I’d expect to be assigned by a library manager, not just a library school instructor.  I know I’ll be making many more proposals in my library career.
  • As a result of this class, I know a lot about blogs, their platforms, and their best uses in library situations.  This, coupled with my previous knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS really gives me some useful knowledge about the mechanics of websites and creating content on the internet.
  • This class also covered the use of Wikis and other collaborative tools such as social bookmarking and tagging. For my other class, I wrote a research paper covering the potential for social bookmarking and tagging for libraries and online searchers, which is really quite impressive.  While tagging could never take the place of structured library classification systems, it certainly adds a new dimension of user interaction when used in OPACs, and helps to begin to classify the mass chaos of information on the internet.
  • Many more of our learning objectives and exercises can be explored in depth right here on this blog! All posts preceding this one are assignments and reflections from LIBR 246.

LIBR 244

  • This class was much more focused on learning specific databases and online vendors.  I now have working knowledge and experience with the Big Three: Dialog, Lexis-Nexis, and Factiva.com.  Dialog, being command-driven and the most powerful of the databases, has given me the ability to learn almost any other database with ease.
  • I have also gained a better knowledge of online search in general and using free search engines like Google and Bing to better effect.  There is a wealth of good information on the internet, and free search engines have the ability to find these resources; all that is needed is a professional searcher!

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