And the most effective facebook page is……

After reviewing the Facebook pages in this week’s lesson, I believe the most effective page is that of Hennepin County Library. While the pages of Wellesley College Library and UNC Davis Library were both extremely valuable and shared good information, it seems that a public library strives to serve a much wider demographic and is more susceptible to the pitfalls of Facebook, such as negative commenters or spammers. Wellesley College’s page is well-maintained and utilizes many of Facebook’s features, such as photos, notes, and an additional page linking to their “AskUs!” service. However, there are not many comments on their wall, and their level of interaction is not as high as in other pages.
UNC Davis Library, on the other hand, does have many people commenting on their wall, and they are very proactive in responding to those comments. In addition to announcements about library events or promotions, there are also notifications about specific things happening in the library, such as warnings about leaving personal information in the library or patrons asking for snack machines. While I think that this aspect of their page gives an interesting look at the details of the library and its patron dynamics, it also makes their page a little more cluttered than that of Wellesley College. Also, UNC does not utilize as many features as Wellesly College.
We were also directed to look at Harvard Law School Library and Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County; however, their links did not work properly, and I was left to search for them, returning the ubiquitously useless community pages that Micheal Fienen tells us about.
Hennepin County Library does a great job with its Facebook page, and is my personal favorite because I work in a public library and know the unique challenges that come with dealing with the public. In fact, the comments on their page seem strangely positive… hmmm…
In any case, there are IM services, catalog searching services, and twitter account links all incorporated into this page, which makes it a sort of one-stop-shop for the library, which is what their Facebook page should ideally be.

Before I go, I’d like to include a brief comment/question to see what my fellow classmates think: Why is MySpace so awful?? Their pages are cluttered, clunky, spamy, and just plain filled with junk. Why bury pieces of valuable information on such a horrible interface when something like Facebook exists?


One thought on “And the most effective facebook page is……

  1. I had the same reaction to all of the MySpace pages. My first thought was that they should all be deleted (except perhaps Denver Public) because in my mind, pages that are extremely challenging to navigate (as well as those that are outdated) reflect poorly on the library.

    I was particularly amazed that Birmingham's MySpace has 2,627 friends while their Facebook ( only has 973! They are quite contrasting and I much prefer the Facebook page. But perhaps the MySpace page has been around a lot longer and the Facebook page is still catching up in the friend department. Or maybe this library's constituency consists of more MySpace users than Facebook. I'm baffled.

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