Popularity of LibGuides

LibGuides seem to be pretty much whatever a library wants it to be; and because of this, it has become extremely popular. Traditionally, it seems as if LibGuides are guides for patrons to a library’s resources for researchers. Besides Depauw University Libraries and Cornell LibGuides, San Jose State’s own King Library LibGuides are a good example of the “traditional” guide to helpful databases and search interfaces. However, there are also many examples of LibGuides as the actual website of your library, such as Scotsdale CC Libraries. Karolinska Institutet‘s LibGuide is another interesting example of a kind of hybrid guide. Their guide, while providing resources of a research nature, also provides basic library information such as library news and contact information. LibGuides seem to also be able to act as a library portal of sorts; a patron can customize the webpage to display only the information they want it to, like on the PennPortal.
In short, LibGuides seem to be an easy way to disseminate information in multiple formats, giving perhaps more freedom and choice than a traditional website.
On a side note, I think that last week’s link is even more pertinent this week; while LibGuides by SpringShare is fun and “easy”, it also costs more money that it seems it should, especially if someone can create the same thing using free software (WordPress).


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