White House Social Media

The Obama administration has revolutionized the way the government governs by incorporating various social media tools to gather more input from the governed.
Tongue Twister!
In all seriousness, the White House is one organization that I find inspirational in their use of social media. Obama’s administration began their Internet outreach around May of 2009, incorporating tools like twitter, facebook, and youTube to inform and be informed by American citizens. Time Magazine reported on the White House’s use of these tools and noted the first federal tweet, which was one that gave some helpful links on how to get more information on the Swine Flu from the CDC.
The President’s recent State of the Union address especially impressed me with their use of Web 2.0 tools. Not only is there the State of the Union Website, but there are links to receive updates via email, twitter, facebook, and an iPhone app. Additionally, after the speech, youTube created a site that gathered questions from the public which the president answered on a video which, of course, was posted to youTube.
Judging from the Thompson post on Wired, this could be the beginning of not just a more accessible and responsive government, but a more transparent and responsible government. Social media representation and growing online presence has made private companies more accountable to the public and could well do the same for the Obama administration, and hopefully the entire United States Government.


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